BeA W25-826E Nailer

This compact and well balanced nailer drives W type corrugated fasteners from 18 to 25mm in length. The perfect solution for fastening butt and corner joints. Applications include, framing, truss building and prefabricated house building.

BeA W25-Corrugated-Fastener-Nailer



Model Number: W25-826E
Fastener Type: W type Corrugated Fasteners/span>
Fastener Lengths: 18mm, 25mm
Magazine Capacity: 100 W Type Corrugated Fasteners
Weight: 3.7kg
Dimensions: Length: 415mm Width: 95mm Height: 315mm
Applications: Butt and Corner Joinery, Truss Building, Framing, Prefabricated House Building
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The BeA suite of professional Gas Nailing Guns (portable gas actuated tools requiring no air compressor), Pneumatic (air powered )  tools and accessories provide long service life and precision fastening solutions for manufacturers, craftsmen and DIYers.

For over 100 Years, BeA have been providing  the World’s manufacturers’ with superior fastening solutions.