BeA SC55/1600 Cordless Screwdriver

The BeA SC55/4000 and SC55/1600 is a light and powerful autofeed collated screwdriver. It’s casing is made of solid aluminium for durability.
Easy adjustment for different screw lengths and infinite adjustable depth of drive control. Featuring a retractable belt mechanism and has a dual mountable belt hanger. Will screw up to 1000 screws per single charge. Kit comes in a sturdy plastic case.

12 month warranty

BeA SC55/1600



Model Number: SC55/4000; SC55/1600
Fastener Type: Collated Screws
Fastener Lengths: 25-55mm
Screws Per Battery Load 1,000 sc55/4000-gypsum to metal ; 600 sc55/1600-wood to wood
Weight incl. Li Ion Battery: 2.3kg
Dimensions: Length: 376mm Width: 80mm Height: 254mm
Applications: Gypsum boards, gypsum fibre boards, wooden panels (chip boards and OSB boards) for any kind of construction applications, packaging etc.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Retractable Belt Feature, Easy Feed System, Belt Hanger-Mountable on both sides, Reverse Gear, Battery indicator
Kit Includes: The tool comes in a sturdy case with the following contents: Cordless collated screwdriver, 2 Lithium-Ion batteries, 1 bit, PH2, Quick charger, allen key, belt hanger and end user manual.
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The BeA suite of professional Gas Nailing Guns (portable gas actuated tools requiring no air compressor), Pneumatic (air powered )  tools and accessories provide long service life and precision fastening solutions for manufacturers, craftsmen and DIYers.

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