BeA 95/16 Series Stapler


This light but powerful tacker fires 95 series staples. The low air consumption, long service life and ease of maintenance make this stapler a real cost saver. The bottom loading magazine allows easy and quick loading. With its ergonomic design and integrated silencer this quality tool will withstand the toughest work enviroment and comes with a no questions asked unlimited 1 Year Warranty.




BeA 95/16 Stapler



Model Number: 95/16-421
Fastener Type: 95 Series Staples
Fastener Lengths: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm
Magazine Capacity: 114 95 Series Staples
Weight: 0.95kg
Dimensions: Length: 221mm Width: 43mm Height: 144mm
Applications: Upholstery, Furniture Making, Upholstery, Cabinet Backings, Wall Wrap/Sisalation
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The BeA suite of professional Gas Nailing Guns (portable gas actuated tools requiring no air compressor), Pneumatic (air powered) tools and accessories provide long service life and precision fastening solutions for manufacturers, craftsmen and DIYers. For over 100 Years, BeA have been providing the World’s manufacturers’ with superior fastening solutions.