BeA 567DC (CN65) Coil Nailer


Multipurpose Coil Nailer that fires both wire and plastic collated coil nails. 2.1-2.9 x  32-65mm wire collated and 2.2-2.9 x 32-65mm plastic collated nails. The BeA 567DC is extremely powerful and sturdy. It has a Magnesium body to keep the weight down and a 360ºfully  adjustable exhaust for operator comfort. The nose is serrated for better grip and also comes with a plastic tip to stop damage occuring to surfaces like decking. Single shot or sequential trigger and a depth control adjustment. Applications include decking, fixing of plasterboard or other building boards, finishings, pallets, boxes and crates.




Model Number: 567DC
Fastener Type: 0º Plastic or Wire Collated Coil Nails 2.1-2.9
Fastener Lengths: 32mm-65mm
Magazine Capacity: 200-400 Coil Nails
Weight: 2.05kg**Lightweight to Power to Ratio
Dimensions: Length: 268mm Width: 128mm Height: 278mm
Applications: Decking, Fixing Plaster Board or other Building Board, Triple Grips, Pallet Making, Boxes and Crates
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