BeA 14/16-50 Series Stapler

This heavy duty, light, fast and well balanced stapler drives 16 & 17  gauge  type 14 (N) & 16 series staples from 32 to 50mm. The ergonomic design  allows less operator fatigue and accurate nail setting in hard to reach areas.. The slanted nose of this tool affords for flush stapling. It has a quick jam release mechanism on the nose and has depth control adjustment for varying wood hardness. Also has fast shot sequential fire to increase productivity.

12 month warranty

BeA14_16-50 Stapler



Model Number: 14/50-780C
Fastener Type: Type 14(N) & 16 Series Staples
Fastener Lengths: 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 50mm
Magazine Capacity: 168 -Type 14 Staples, 152 -Type 16 Staples
Weight: 2.31kg
Dimensions: Length: 354mm Width: 98.5mm Height: 274mm
Applications: Furniture Frames, Pallets + Crates, Framing, Flooring, Sub Flooring, Prefabricated House Industry
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The BeA suite of professional Gas Nailing Guns(portable gas actuated tools requiring no air compressor), Pneumatic (air powered )  tools and accessories provide long service life and precision fastening solutions for manufacturers, craftsmen and DIYers.

For over 100 Years, BeA have been providing  the World’s manufacturers’ with superior fastening solutions.